What My Meditation Practice Looks Like

I have been meditating now for the past 6 months, however that practice hasn’t stayed the same. It has been evolving and growing with me. It is a fluid thing with no boundaries or expectations, it is natural and authentic.

Recently I have been doing the same meditation every morning. This is 15 minutes of complete focus on my breath. I find this very difficult actually, to keep my attention on my breath takes a lot of effort. A lot more than just sitting there observing my thoughts or moving my awareness through my body.

I used to meditate for half an hour each morning but I found that my mind would get distracted quite easily. I would put my attention on my breath, then get bored so move my attention somewhere else. I would repeat mantras to myself but this was also distracting. I changed my practice to be shorter but better quality. This hasn’t been easy but I think it is good to practice.

It is crazy that our attention spans are so short, apparently 7 seconds for an adult?! Meditation interrupts that habit of constantly shifting our attention. It can be very powerful putting all our attention on exactly one thing. When we invest everything into something we can have amazing results.

I can’t really say the benefits of my meditation practice yet, because I don’t think I have been doing it long enough to alter my brain. But I do find that on a subjective level, the stillness in the morning really sets me up for my day. I have space to breath and slowly awaken. I don’t feel rushed and thus feel less stress throughout my day. Meditation is definitely a very safe space for me which I come back to often to feel grounded.


I also include my other activities as meditation: running, walking, being in nature and yoga are some of the things that I do that definitely have the same effect. They all make me feel present and bring me closer to my authentic self.


If you are interested in starting a meditation practice you can read my blog post on how to start meditating.

Stillness can be scary at first but it is the only place we will find ourselves. There is beauty in stillness and when we learn to see it we can appreciate it so much more.


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  2. This is awesome! I also meditate first thing in the morning. I like that it gives me the time to breathe and focus before my brain starts going in a thousand directions. I have meditated regularly for a while, but daily since August and have now found that if my brain is calling for it at another time, I am better able to sneak in a 2 minute breathing meditation or 10 minutes to come to the PM before practice teaching. Often, I find myself meditating waiting for my kettle to boil – and sometimes…when I’m writing!

      1. Me too. And I find that I do it without thinking about it. Interesting how automatic things become after a while.

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