Every Breath Counts

Something that my yoga teacher said today in a class really stuck with me: Every breath counts. We come into this world and we take our first breath. We leave this world when we take our last breath. Our breath is there to sustain us through our lives. It is our breath that matters. 

I guess this stood out for me because I have been noticing my breath a lot more recently. In my practice my breath is always the rhythm that I can move too. I flow from one pose to the next and it is all because of my breath. When I lose my breath then thoughts creep in and I will lose my balance or get distracted. Breath is essential to yoga.

But also in daily life I notice my breath. When I am cycling it may be loud and audible, if I am anxious it usually gets very shallow and irregular. We have a different breath for every situation, and that breath will either sustain us and make it worse.

You have probably heard this before but the best thing you can do is take longer slower breaths. When we are really conscious of our breathing, the breath comes more from our stomach, this is more calming for the nervous system and we inhale more oxygen. This will reduce stress and our bodies can relax. When this happens we perform better in life!

Whenever I am frustrated, if I come into my ujjayi breathing it immediately dissipates any negative feelings I have. The hard thing is being present enough to remember my breath!

Wherever you are now you can start to pay attention to your breath and get curious about how it is sustaining you in this moment and the rest of your life.

Our breath is prana, our life force.

Breath is the most important thing that will sustain you through all of your life.

So take a breath right now and sigh it out.

Be grateful for your breath.



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  1. I LOVE this! I might steal that line from your teacher in my opening meditation next week! Isn’t it awesome how, as we go through our trainings and gain more knowledge, our awareness grows so much?!

      1. I am. We are about half way through training now, teaching donation classes and practice classes now. 😊 yes, it is, indeed a beautiful process.

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