Everyday is a Different Body

Today I had a super good yoga practice. I was feeling strong and present. My drishti was focused and I felt completely immersed in the flow. It was the type of day where everything was aligning for me on my mat and I felt good. 

I came into headstand at the end of the practice and was a little surprised. Only days earlier I had been able to shoot up into headstand with so much ease, yet today I felt shaky and my muscles were straining from the effort. It wasn’t what I was expecting.


This is just an example of how each time we get on the mat our bodies will be different. Unfortunately we cannot expect our body to do what it was able to do yesterday or a month ago, because our body is different in each and every moment.

In yoga you will sooner or later learn that just because you could do a headstand yesterday, it doesn’t mean you will be able to do it today. It is humbling to realise and respect the fact that our bodies won’t always be able to do what we want.

Even if we know our body can go into headstand, if we know we can power through and with great effort and force get up, maybe it isn’t a good idea. Ask yourself why you want to go into headstand. If it is the ego that wants to get into it just to show off then you should definitely ignore this! Exerting a lot of force in your yoga practice will result in injuries sooner or later. The way is not to push. Listen to your body and work with it to get into a pose.

Maybe it won’t happen today, maybe it will never happen. Maybe your body just isn’t build to do a headstand. But that is ok. Yoga isn’t about the poses anyways, it is about life. 

Yoga is about how we take the lessons we learn on the mat into our lives and expand our awareness.

By practicing yoga we get better at LIFE.

So if you fall that is ok.

We are allowed to fall, to fail, to mess up, make mistakes, try again. That is LIFE!

Tell yourself that daily, and then go have fun!

Release all this seriousness we cling too and go live your life, free of expectations and pressures.


If you are interesting in expanding your yoga practice and your life, then I highly recommend this book:

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