Cause and Effect

I have a very simple question for you right now:

Do you want to be the cause of your life or the effect of it?

This is a simple question we can apply to all areas of our life: are we the cause or the effect?

When we are the cause we feel empowered. We are making our life happen and doing the things we want to do. We feel happy. We feel purposeful. Our life is in flow.

When we are the effect of our lives then we are not in control. We may complain about this and will have negative energy surrounding us. We may feel unmotivated in that area of our life, or maybe as though it is spinning in completely the wrong direction and we have no power to change it.

But this is not true. We can wake up and decide to be the cause of our lives in all areas of it! Life is too short to be living as an effect. Change your perspective and chose to cause it.

I have some areas of my life, now I have brought my attention to them, that I know I am living being affected by it in a negative way yet I am still not changing anything. I chose to stop this now. I chose to now take power over these areas of my life and no longer will I be sat there complaining.

Actively live your life. Don’t passively go through it.

Where in your life do you think it is time to change? Anything is possible. Empower yourself by taking control over a situation and moving it in the direction you want, rather than having no control.

We all write our own lives.

I chose to cause my life to be as magical and beautiful as it can be. I chose to do everything I want in life and to never hold back. I chose to be 100% me.



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