What Is The Rush?

I am writing this post today as a reminder for myself. There is absolutely no rush whatsoever in life. Like Gandhi said:

There is more to life than increasing its speed. 

I need to remember this.

I am writing this because I haven’t been enjoying the degree I have been studying the past two months. It is interesting, but it is just not my passion and I don’t see the point in doing something that doesn’t excite me. I absolutely love the Sanskrit module and could do this all day everyday, however the other three modules of Social Anthropology just aren’t for me. The time has come, and I am now admitting to myself that I need to find something different. I want to cause my life and not be the effect, therefore I am ready to make a change.

However I know that ‘pressures’ will get to me and I will panic and try to jump into the next degree I find. I am not very good at waiting you see. I want to find a degree in Sanskrit, I know I need time to find one that resonates with me and make the correct decision. Applying for the first one that I find is not wise.

So I need to wait. ‘There is no rush’ will be my mantra for the next few weeks. When I rush I am not listening to my intuition and I end up jumping into something that isn’t for me. I rushed into Social Anthropology, I picked it in a day, wrote my personal statement and applied. There was no thought whatsoever and this is showing up for me now. It is a good lesson to learn.

Why do we rush so much in our lives? When we rush we end up missing vital things or making mistakes and actually wasting more time than if we hadn’t rushed. I think we all know this and yet we still rush. Our lives are high paced and non-stop and we are trapped.

I have the confidence now to allow myself to slow down, even if everyone else around me is moving fast I can be slow.

It reminds me of The tortoise and the hare. 

I chose to be the tortoise.



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