Friday Meditation

My meditation has been constantly evolving and I find it changes with the seasons to create the space that I need on that day.

Today I sat there and repeated this one mantra to myself:

It is possible. 

This meditation has changed my perspective over the past week I have been doing it and I really feel like anything is possible now. The more you say it the more you start to believe it and it really does come true.

The meditation: 

Find a quiet place to sit. Focus on your breathing for a few minutes to ground you to the present moment. Enjoy just sitting there, invite in the yin to counteract the yang of daily life.

When you feel present start to repeat the mantra to yourself it is possible. Do this for as long as it takes for it to sink in. Maybe it is only 5 minutes or maybe you end up staying for 30. That is ok, practice for as long as you wish.

As you are thinking this mantra start to be aware of any feelings that arise in your body. Notice them and set them free.

When you have finished bow your head in gratitude and say:



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