Is Instagram Bad?

Today I want to talk about Instagram…


I have been on Instagram now for 5 years and I have always loved it. I love the creative side of taking and sharing pictures and I think it is a great platform to do this.

However, recently it has started evoking negative feelings in me whenever I go on it. I am a very competitive person by nature and with this comes the constant need to compare myself to others. Instagram is awful for this. I go on and then start to feel like I am not good enough after seeing pictures of all these beautiful people living ‘perfect lives’.

Maybe I am not following the right people, I don’t know. I just feel like Instagram is incredibly fake and it just doesn’t make me happy right now. I still love to post pictures but I find myself scrolling through the feed of photos less and less…


Today was one of those days where I ending up on Instagram for 15 minutes gripped and I just couldn’t pull myself away. But afterwards I felt so bad. It wasn’t just that I felt like I had wasted time, it was that I was there comparing my life to everyone else’s.

These negative emotions stuck with me for the rest of the day and it was only after sitting down to journal that I finally processed why I had been feeling so bad and uninspired today. It was all Instagram.

I acknowledge how Instagram and social media makes me feel and I am able to (for the most part) stay away in order to feel my best. I do feel concerned about children growing up with this such a massive part of their lives and them thinking it is all normal! It totally isn’t, and comparing our lives to others on the internet will only lead to unhappiness.

I have had weeks away from all technology and it always makes me feel so good about myself and confident. If I had my own way I would happily live in a monastery somewhere in the Himalayas without connection to the rest of the world and practicing yoga all day (this is what I day dream about).

Sadly that is not real life and connection is a positive thing. When we use social media in a mindful and empowering way then we really can change the world. I think we just all need to be real on it!


I would be interested to know what others thought about social media and Instagram especially. I have chosen to distance myself from it all these next few weeks and really be mindful when I use it so I stop evoking negative feelings within myself. But Instagram can be so inspiring and change people’s lives.

I don’t know what the solution is. Use it less? Delete it?

Little by little we can, together, change it into a platform for empowering humans and giving people a voice, instead of making people feel unworthy.

I chose to empower us all.


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  1. Well, I also have an instagram for sharing pictures and story.. so far I did not comparing my life with others, I just enjoy and learn about others pictures like where is the interesting place to take a good picture or what angel to make the best shot.. yeah that sort of things.. is Instagram good or bad? it’s depend on our perspektif.. 😉

  2. I only just joined IG ( @artyplantsman )but it kind of makes me feel the same way and I’m not sure it is good for me either 🙁
    It might be useful if I start selling artwork but for now I am not sure I benefit at all and it just makes me feel bad.

  3. I think all social media can be damaging (for want of a better word). Your comparing is like someone on FB who keeps checking back to see if a post they just put up has any likes, and then getting irritated if it gets less likes than someone else’s.
    I think it’s down to how you use the sites and not the sites themselves. I use Instagram to share pics onto FB because it’s faster and easier than the Fb app on my phone.
    I use FB to keep in touch with old friends I haven’t seen in years, and to arrange nights out with those I do see in real life.
    It’s when you start living your life online that it becomes a problem. I have one friend I rarely see now, because outside of work he can’t be bothered leaving the house, and only interacts online. He does go on holiday with his wife, but to be honest I think if she left it up to him they’d never go anywhere.
    It’s a shame. More so because he’s not a youngster, he’s in his mid 50’s. If he was disabled I could see his point, but he’s not.
    Anyway I’ve ranted more than I meant to.
    Keep posting.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes I agree with you that the problem is more how we use the sites and maybe not the sites themselves, I am still trying to find that balance.

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