Taking Care Of Yourself Over Christmas

Christmas can be a busy time. We can find ourselves so caught up in life; constantly rushing around; buying presents and seeing family… We forget to take a moment for ourselves.

I know many people who find Christmas incredible tiring and they are grateful when they have made it through the holiday. They feel stressed over the season and come into January feeling depleted and not good.

This is totally the opposite of how it should be! Christmas is about spending time with the people you love and feeling joy and connection. No one should feel stressed/tired/ isolated at Christmas, yet sadly many do.

There is a solution to feeling like this, and that is Take care of yourself! 

It may sound selfish but in order to fully show up for everyone in our life we really do have to take care of ourself first. This means giving yourself time to recharge and love yourself, so you have energy for others.

For me christmas is all about love, so I want to put the focus on loving yourself. Here are my 5 top tips to take care of yourself this season and show yourself some love:

Tip 1. 

Go to a Yin Yoga class. I have been doing lots of yin recently. I think my body is craving the stillness to balance my daily life. In Yin you hold poses for a lot longer, about 5 minutes, and they are held effortlessly. It is all about letting go and just being still, balancing the body and mind.

I love Yin because we rarely get that much stillness in the day. After a class I walk out feeling so refreshed because there has been absolutely no requirements on my body or mind, so I can just let go of everything.

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I would definitely recommend trying out a Yin class if you can, or just taking some time to do it at home. You will notice the difference in your body and your 

mind. When you make space for that stillness, negative thoughts quieten down and you are left with the underlying peace.

Tip 2. 

Have an afternoon off to bake. Baking is a meditation for me and I love taking time to bake whilst listening to music and drinking tea. There is something so comforting about it, especially in the UK!

This afternoon I have set aside some time to bake my chocolate & beetroot cookies. It is time for me to switch off and do something I enjoy which will replenish my energy supplies.

Tip 3. 

Spend time with people you love. Sometimes Christmas can be so busy that we forget
IMG_3779to just sit down with the people that mean the most to us. Spending time with those we
love- to laugh and smile and eat and chat- is what Christmas is all about and will definitely leave you feeling good afterwards.  It is taking care of yourself to do nothing with others and smile. When you smile you will feel a million times better whatever is going on.

Tip 4. 

Try Pranayama – balanced breathing. Pranayama means breath control and prana is our life force, our energy. Taking time to do some breath work restores your energy and gives specially attention to the areas in your body that need it.

Balanced breathing (also know as Nadi Shodhana) is an alternate nostril breathing to balance out the two hemispheres of your brain and leave you feeling rejuvenated. It reduces stress and anxiety and is an important breath to do every morning if you can. It will leave you aligned and living in the present moment.

How to do it? 

Sit comfortably with your back straight. Place your left hand on your knee, resting gently. Bring your right hand up to your head.

Rest your index and middle finger in the space between your eyebrows. The ring finger will cover your left nostril and your thumb will cover your right nostril.

Start by closing up the left nostril with your ring finger and inhale fully through your right nostril.

When you reach the top, cover your right nostril with your thumb and retain the breath for a second. Then release your ring finger and exhale fully but gently through your left nostril.

At the end of the exhale, pause, and then inhale through the left nostril.

When you reach the top of the inhale, cover the left nostril with your ring finger, hold the breath for a moment, and then exhale through the right nostril.

Inhale through the right nostril and repeat the sequence again.

In life we really don’t give enough attention to the breath, so this is a really good place to start.

Try for just 5 minutes and see how it can make a difference to your day.





Tip 5. 

Take time to appreciate yourself. This could mean writing down what you love about yourself or just saying it out loud. It could mean having a long bath with luxury products and candles. It could mean sitting down with a good book and a hot chocolate (I recommend The Name of The Wind!)

Whatever you love, do it for yourself today. Really do the things that are an act of love towards yourself and make you feel amazing. 

You are so worth feeling like the best version of yourself always. Make a commitment to yourself today to give yourself that time you may need.


So I hope this was useful to everyone, definitely let me know what are your favourite things to do over Christmas to replenish your energy and leave you feeling so refreshed!

Have a beautiful Christmas.


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