I had the most beautiful spiritual experience yesterday, I want to share it with you all.


I went for a run, which in itself was amazing. I have been missing the place where I grew up so much, and this weekend I came home, so I have been spending every moment in the forest by my house, soaking it all in.

After my run I decided to go meditate for a little bit. I was drawn towards this bank over looking the path, so I climbed up and perched on the slope, sitting on a pile of leaves and mud. I was comfortable and began to let go of my thoughts.

Sitting there, alone in the wood, I completely came out of my thoughts. I was in the present moment and that was all. Everything else left me, floating into non-existence where it came from.

It felt so beautiful just to enjoy being alive! Not to be thinking about the past or future, literally just sitting there appreciating the moment.

The sun came out and seemed to shine more, increasing in strength the more present I became. For a moment the sun disappeared behind a cloud, reflecting the fact that my inner self had briefly became obscured by a thought. The moment I let go of that thought the sun shined again. It was a beautiful metaphor.


I sat there and nothing troubled me. The usual burdens: physical and mental were all gone. In that moment I felt no pain and no worries. I had left my body and was purely resting in my spirit.

All I felt was immense joy. I cried because I felt so much joy. It was more beauty than I have ever experienced in my life. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and love, the tears flowed down my face, and I didn’t want them to stop. I was discovering something deep inside of me that has been hidden for so many years, for all my life in fact. I was discovering the essence of life. This essence we are all born with but it is almost immediately covered and we very rarely experience that joy.

I laughed at the fact that I did not need money or anything else to experience what I was feeling. All I needed to do was go outside and just be. This immense joy came from within and I knew that I could access it again any time I wanted to. All it takes is stepping into the present moment with all your heart.

As I was sitting there on the wet earth, I saw a tiny stoat run along the path. I think by this point I had become one with nature so the stoat didn’t notice me, like it usually would have. It ran along and then must have been spooked by something so came scampering back along the path, right by me. It was 2m away and I felt so grateful just to be able to watch this tiny creature in its own world. I knew this was a good omen.

It was after seeing the stoat that the tears came. I embraced them and let everything go that I had been clinging too for so long. I felt lighter and so so happy. Finally I felt at peace.

I walked home in such a clear state. Everything was crystal. I was seeing the world through new eyes and it was entirely different. It was crisp.

For the first time in my life I wasn’t in a rush. I was completely at home in the present moment and it was where I wanted to stay. I walked slowly home, vaguely aware of the cold seeping into my bones but knowing that it didn’t matter as much as this moment did.

I listened to my breath and the crunching of ice below my feet.

It was all so beautiful.


The presence I felt earlier has sadly dwindled, but I know it is there waiting for me to access it again. Even as write I can feel it coming back to me and the joy I felt before is bubbling to the surface.

I am making a commitment to stay in the Now because I have experienced first hand how beautiful and freeing it is. I really do want to live there forever.

Anything is possible.


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