A weight has been taken off my chest and now I feel as though I could fly. For the past 3 months I have been living as a victim in my life. I have been thinking that life happens to me and I have no control, that has made me totally unhappy and I became someone who I do not want to be.

It took courage but I have now grabbed my life with both of my hands and I am not letting go. I felt empowered though yoga. Empowered enough to drop out of uni and chase this crazy dream I have. Yes, from the outside it may seem unrealistic, and I know my parents worry. But they do not know what is in my heart, only I know that. I know so deeply that I have to follow my dream, because otherwise what is life about?

What happens when you take control of your reality? All I can tell you is what I have experienced: Life becomes brighter. You become more aligned with your true self and that makes you into a nicer person. It is a snowball effect. All your relationships improve and the people in your life become happier, that makes you happier as well. Everything blossoms and continues to grow into something truly beautiful. Your life turns into something so worth living.

When you take control of your life, you take responsibility. This means that if you do not like something and it is making you unhappy you change it or accept it. Problems evaporate because these are only created by our mind. Problems are not real. Life may throw surprising things at you that you don’t like, but that is ok. It is your life so you chose what to do about it. This means it is not a problem.

Viewing life like this is like seeing it through new eyes. Changing your mind really does change your reality and it is incredible the difference this can have. I still find it hard to understand how people can go through their lives without really taking full repsosiblity and control… But I guess that is the problem with our society, it has told us too many times that we cannot make a difference, so we start to believe it.

Stop believing the lie and go out there and live your life however YOU BLOODY WANT. I cannot stress this enough. The sooner you relalise this your life will be transformed. We all die some day and return to the earth. Our physical body ceases to exist. I have no idea what happens to our spirit.. But this is liberating because we may as well do whatever the hell we want whilst we still can. I mean within reason obviously, but if you are truly living your life to the max you are not going to be out there creating pain because this is such a waste of time. Make your life brighter and with that comes making the lives of others around you brighter as well. That is what I vow to do, shine my light wherever I go.

Because if I can even impact one person in my life time and they go on to impact someone else.. that is how the world is changed. We can collectively spread this energy around the globe and together free the world of suffering. It is only humans that create this suffering and pain. We create it all and do not even know we are doing it. This is so sad and I want us all just to stop making ourselves unhappy and start living our lives like they are important, because they are!

Our lives are important and finite. So please please please make the most of it now.

It is crazy but we really can change this planet together if we all start to take control of our own reality. That is the only way we can make this change.

Like Muhammad Ali said: “don’t count your days, make your days count.”

I choose to make my days count. Each and every one of them.



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