Finding Happiness

I realised this morning, when I was sat in my meditation, that something might be missing.. I have always been searching for that final piece to my life that will make it shine.

But then I had an even deeper realisation… That you have to find whatever you are searching for in this moment, and nowhere else. 

If I go on searching for this ‘thing’ I am looking for in strange places I will never find it. I have gone to the opposite side of the world and still came back as though I am missing something. This nagging feeling has not left me, however much I do and experience.

That is because I have been so so wrong. I can happily admit that now I have seen the truth. I have been looking everywhere else but the one place it is: myself. 

The only place I will find what I am looking for is in this exact moment right now, right here. Because I now know where it is. It is deep inside of me and all I have to do is look. To find this final piece of happiness I search for is easy, all I have to do is look within.


Because we are born with it and it is our natural state. Maybe we have been told otherwise but this is a lie. When you remove all the obstacles all that is left is pure bliss. This happiness we experience when we are so grounded in the moment and all we feel is what is true.


I may not have found 100% of my happiness now, but at least I know where to look. I will strip back every layer until I am left with my pure essence. I will do it in this moment. I will not and can not wait. It is here for me now and I am ready to take it.


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