So a major aspect of Christmas is giving gifts right? We give presents to everyone important in our life and this is a way of showing our gratitude. I love giving gifts at Christmas and it makes me so happy to be able to give someone an item that they really love and can appreciate.

However what if you don’t want to be a consumer over Christmas? Is it possible to appreciate and enjoy Christmas without getting sucked into our materialistic society?

This is something I have been thinking a lot about this year. I have stopped buying anything really for myself and I really want to keep what I own to a minimum. I do still want to buy things for my family, but I want to stay a minimalist and non-consumer whilst I am doing this.

So how exactly do you stay a minimalist over Christmas? Well my answer to this is by buying people something small, yet meaningful, and that will add something to their life. Whether that is learning something from a book or it being a really useful item. If your gift improves the quality of someone’s life somehow then that is a minimalist gift. It must bring them JOY.  

I have got together a list of presents that I think all people will love and they will have a positive impact on their life! They are also good for the environment so you can help the planet this Christmas as well. It is win win WIN.


Ok everyone loves books. But I think we don’t read enough books in this day and age. We are constantly on our phones and screens, these are our main entertainment now and that is so sad. So this year let’s all go back to basics and read again!

These are my favourite fiction books, for people who love a good novel:

If you love yoga then I find these books so inspirational:


Spiritual books to open someone’s mind and really change their life:


Healthy cook books because everyone loves a good recipe book and you can encourage your loved ones to eat more vegan over the holidays:

If you want more book recommendations then I would definitely check out my resources page. There I have all my favourite books that have had such a positive impact on my life.

Or if you don’t want to buy someone a physical/material book then an Audible subscription is perfect because it is so good for the environment because you are not buying any objects! Both me and my boyfriend are currently obsessed with Audible! I love listening to a book whilst baking, it’s my ideal afternoon…


Stocking presents are great, we all love opening our stocking on Christmas. Yet often they can be the kind of presents that just clutter up your house. If you want to give minimalist stocking presents then I would recommend making sure that they are (1) environmentally friendly and (2) useful!

Here are some ideas and what I am buying my family this year:


If you want to get someone something that they will use everyday and isn’t physical, then you could get them a subscription to Yoga Girl’s oneoeight which is an online yoga platform. I love it and it is a great way to get someone introduced to yoga in the comfort of their own home.


Finally getting something second hand is a really good option, because you aren’t consuming anything new, yet you are still giving that person a really good quality gift and it is great for the environment.. You can check out these refurbished electronics on Amazon for some ideas or go to your local charity shop!


Ok so I hope everyone has a great Christmas and really enjoys the season. Use it as a time to get grateful and give back to everyone around you, thus manifesting positive things for the New Year to come and spreading the LOVE! 

Love you all.


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  1. loved this post topic! But for some reason my screen isn’t showing the book or the eco stocking ideas. Def need to check out your resource page though because I am in need of a good book. #bookworm

    1. Ahh thank you i’m so glad you liked it, it is a shame it didn’t show up for you, I will check my website to see if anything is wrong, thanks for letting me know! x

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