Trusting In The Process Of Things

Yesterday I officially dropped out of university. I signed the form to confirm that I was completely sure, and then let everything go. 

I have been carrying around this weight for 3 months now, ever since I started at uni. It was completely out of alignment with who I was and that began to manifest in my Being. I wasn’t confident and spent my whole time distracted. I started to get drawn further and further away from the person that I strive to be and when I realised this it made me deeply upset.

It has been a tough decision to pull out of university and it has taken a lot of courage. I still have tiny doubts in my mind but I know they are not real. I take my attention off them and I’m putting it onto all the positives in my life. All I need now is trust. 

I know I need to trust in the process of things, trust where life will lead me next. However I am impatient and want to know everything. I want to know where I will end up and what I will be doing next year and if I made the right choice. I am letting go of each of these thoughts because we can never know. All we can do is trust in the process and enjoy the ride. 

Yesterday I was reminded how lucky I am. I was listening to the Rich Roll podcast and he talked about how his journey had taken years and years. He said it took him 7 years from when he quit his job to work out where he was heading. He had doubts and it was a massive struggle, but he made it through and is completely happy with his life now.

I was reminded how lucky I am by this because not everyone has that opportunity to completely change their life around and go following their heart. I am also lucky because I am doing this so young. I am 20 and in the process of following my dreams. This is so exciting for me and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Any time have doubts because I am not doing the same thing as everyone else, or doing what others think is ‘sensible’, the universe gives me a sign that I am doing the right thing. I have seen 11:11 on my watch now 3 consecutive days in a row. Seeing this is a sign that your dreams are manifesting into reality. I have full trust in this and I feel flickers of excitement spark through me when I think about what this means…

I have said this probably a million times before, but I want to say it again. We only get one life in this body. Just one! The only thing we can be certain of is that some day we will die. That is all we know about the future. Use this fact to free you from whatever is holding you back and live your life before it is up. Seize everyday and go into the world making a difference. Make sure you can look back on everything you did and how you did it and be proud.

I don’t mind what I am remembered for externally: what job I had or how much money I earned. But I want to be remembered for the internal, how I moved through life: with compassion, friendliness, kindness, enthusiasm. These are the things that I am trying to bring more of into my life and I am trusting in the universe to provide the rest, whatever that may be.



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  1. Think you are doing Great and you will do Great. You have a very nice way to get the message out in young age, so for sure.. you will do fine and reach far.. 😊

  2. Thank you for this post. It is so encouraging to me! I hope you are able to enjoy this time while you focus on things that feel more RIGHT for you for now. Best of luck to you!

    1. Thank you so much, it makes me so happy that you can relate to it in some way and honestly it brightens my day when someone comments! Thank you again and all the best to you too, big love!

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