Realigning with Authenticity

I strayed from my path, but now I am back.

Some days I lose that connection to my inner self and I feel as though I am slightly lost. I feel as though I am acting out someone else’s life and not doing the things I want to do. That has past though, and I feel like myself again.

Now I am realigning with authenticity and letting that be the soul drive of my life. Whatever direction my spirit wants to go, I will move there with all my heart, however crazy.

I am aligning my mind, body and speech so that they are all coming from the same place. From my deep conscious within. With these aspects of my Being in line I know I will be able to take on anything with ease.

It isn’t always easy being authentic in todays world. Challenges will arise everyday that try to pull us away from our true selves. The distractions of money, acceptance, respect and many others, might draw us into becoming someone who we are not. All I can say to you is to stay strong. Stay on your path and have complete faith in it. The only way you can be of service to the world is by being 100% true to yourself.

I belive in you and so will the world when you let your inner Being shine.



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