Let Yourself Be Seen

This weekend has been incredible. I am struggling to find the words to describe it and I think it will probably take a few weeks for this whole experience to sink in. My heart is so full of love and energy right now and I can feel my soul glowing bright.

It was my fourth weekend of yoga teacher training. By this point in the course we have all connected on a deep level and a magical community has begun to blossom. There is so much trust in the group. It is just a really safe place for us all to be ourselves. 

This may sound simple, or even meaningless to some people, but how many areas in your life can you be completely and unapologetically yourself? 

I for one have struggled with this all my life. I have always hidden myself and put forward who I thought others wanted me to be. This left me with no confidence and just confused. I didn’t know who I was because I tried to be so many other people. I also struggled to make connections with others because I was never truly myself.

This is something that I have been working on everyday this year and I have really begun to break through this barrier. Finally in my life I am letting the real be be seen. I am displaying her in all her vulnerability for everyone to see. I am confident now to do this and I know that the real me is the most beautiful and perfect version of myself, this is the only version I need to show the world.

This has been totally scary but I am so grateful to be working through it at the moment. Being able to express myself fully feels bloody amazing! It has had such an impact on my teacher training (and all other areas of my life too!) In the training I feel confident as a teacher and so happy with how I show up because I am showing up as myself. It is as simple as that.


Today we did a really interesting and super intense exercise. I have never done anything like that in my whole life! Basically we were really seeing each other. This meant standing in front of each other and looking deep into their eyes and holding that connection. We did this for an hour.

It brought up a lot of stuff for everything, I think we all agreed it was super hard. I never do that in my daily life. I am so used to talking or physical contact, so to actually just be with someone is very difficult. You have to hold back and it does feel very uncomfortable at the start.

I found it interesting though the more I looked at people. I felt as though I was looking through their physical body and into their soul. I realised that what matters is what is behind their eyes, and that we are all so so similar. A lot more similar than we realise.

We all have shit. We all have problems and worries and life that happens to us. We all have these stories that we tell ourselves. We are all imperfect. We all mess up. But that is what makes us interesting. That is what makes us Human! The sooner we can get past feeling embarrassed about all this stuff and just embrace who we really are, the sooner our lives will become a better place.


I have learnt this weekend that it feels good to let yourself be seen. To be truly seen by others, when they see the real you, that is kind of freeing. The pressure is gone, there is no need to hide. When we can be ourselves then there is absolutely no worry.

I want to live my live expressing who I am because this feels good. I want us all to be able to do this because we are all so beautiful underneath and a lot of us don’t know it. Get vulnerable, because I think that is the only way to understand, and let others know, that we are all the same.

I hope you find a way to fully express who you are in your life. We can then open our lives up to so much more connection and pure beauty. 



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