What Happens When You Share Your SHIT 

I have learnt so many beautiful things from yoga, all of which I can apply to my life. Each of these ‘lessons’ brings a bit of light into my life. I find more understanding and more ease: I can let go of certain things that are not serving me and might life becomes better.

The lesson I want to talk about today is Sharing. I find that a lot of us (me especially) go through life and don’t really share with others what is deep within us. We are constantly hiding a part of our Being. Maybe this is because we are scared to be vulnerable, or we feel that others may not want to hear our darkest stories, but whatever the reason we keep them too ourself.

That becomes a burden. It builds up through the years of our life and becomes a heavy backpack of SHIT. We carry it around and cannot let it go. We do not share our load with others so we are left on our own, feeling isolated, carrying this around.

Let me tell you what happens when we share this shit, our life opens up! By sharing our deepest thoughts or darkest stories with those around us, they can understand us more. We create connection. We stop feeling so isolated and the world opens up to us. Others will be inspired by your stories and want to share as well. You will relate to each other and it forms a bond deeper than our physical reality.

Another magical thing happens when we start to share… we become lighter. Each time we can share a piece of our story or our shit, we let go. The best part is that you have not given it to someone else to carry round for you, they listen and then whatever you told will float off into the universe. Maybe it will take you years of sharing to finally let go of everything, but it is completely worth it.


At my yoga teacher training this weekend a really beautiful and courageous woman stood up and shared her story. It was tough for her, and us in the room listening. She had experiences SO much pain in her life and I think she was still in the process of letting that go. The things she shared were embarrassing to her and definitely not what you want to be telling a group of almost strangers, but she did it anyways.

As she was in the process of sharing you could see her transformation. Her voice became louder and she was growing in confidence by the second. There seemed to be a light around her and you could feel her energy changing. It was beautiful to witness.

By the end of all this most of us were in tears, but we could all relate to her story in some way. It brought each of us in the room closer to her and I was grateful for that. It really inspired me, the level of vulnerability she was able to show. It has inspired me to do the same and really have the courage to completely share everything with the people in my life, however ‘ugly’ it may be.

I am using this as an example because I think we can all learn from this beautiful women. On the other side of sharing and being open with the world is so so much more. 

Do not worry about others judging you or your story. All I can say is that most of them will be inspired. Any who judge are not worth your time, they are just working through their own shit right now and may not be ready to hear yours. But that is OK! Life will always be like that but there will always be someone out there who can listen to you and hold the space.

My heart feels all this right now. I am imagining a world in which we are all vulnerable and all can feel lighter because we have shared our shit. That world looks so much connected and lighter to me. I know that is where we are heading and I am confident that together we can make this revolution happen.

Much love


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