Where Does Inspiration Come From?

When I started this blog I had no idea where it was going to lead, to be honest I still don’t but I am ok with that now. When I started I was so worried that one day I would just run out of ideas and my blog would come to a (tragic) end. That hasn’t happened yet and I am so grateful that I am able to use this platform to write everyday.


To my surprise there hasn’t been a single day when I do not have inspiration about what to write. I feel as though the ideas flow through me and there is a constant steam of them. I have tapped into something fundamental in the universe, where there is an infinite supply of creativity, it is in abundance and I feel the power of it and I know it will never run out.


I remember reading Elizabeth Gilbet’s book Big Magic a few years ago. Whilst I found it totally inspiring I didn’t understand what she was talking about when she explained her ‘ideas’ and where they came from. She said that they were almost living, autonomous beings and they picked her. She said that ideas float around and wait for the right person who will be able to manifest them into reality. When they find that person they will appear as a spark of an idea in their brain. If the person decides to follow through with the ‘idea’ they must work with it to achieve the end result. If the person ignores the idea then eventually it will have to move on and find another host.

I finally get what she is saying now. This is what it feels like for me. It feels as though my ideas have ideas of their own, and I am just there following what they say. I cannot help myself. I get caught in the grips of inspiration and I immerse myself in that until the project/ blog post/ painting is finished. I love it. It is what fuels me everyday.

I expected my inspiration to dry up, but it is the opposite. The more inspired I become the more and more ideas I have, so I become even more inspired. It is a snowball, building and building, growing into something huge that I cannot control. That feels so exciting though and I wouldn’t ask to change a thing.


If you lack inspiration I recommend going into nature. Have a few minutes to sit quietly and just appreciate all the inspiration the universe is providing you with, everything is already there in front of your eyes, all you have to do is look. When I feel stuck in my head I will always go for a walk into nature, by the end of it I have so many new ideas and my fingers are itching to get typing, the words will continue to flow.

Exercise is also great for letting inspiration come to you. I find whenever I practice yoga or go for a run, I create space for new creation and I feel fuelled to continue what I am doing.

Finally I want to say that if you have the tiniest idea in the back of your head, something that you may want to create or sounds fun in any way, then jump on that! See where it leads you. It may start as something small but it can quickly turn into something huge and beautiful and you will find more and more inspiration along the way. Don’t let the ideas pass you by, because you might find that one day they move onto someone else… Act Now! 

Give your ideas what they are asking for and let them come into Being. Together you will create something out of this world.


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