If This Moment Could Last Forever..

Do you ever think what if this moment could last forever… 

I have been thinking this more and more recently. I don’t know why.. I have found myself completely in the moment and then I wonder what it would be like for the moment to last forever… It is not a scary thought, in fact I find it really comforting. When you are fully in the moment it feels infinite anyways, so it is not so hard to imagine it lasting forever. For me it is the little moments in life that I would stretch out. It is driving home late at night with my boyfriend. It is lying in savasana after a really good yoga practice. It is playing a game of cards with my family. It is meditating by a river, watching nature unfold. It is staring at the stars on a clear night. All of these I treasure and it is these moments that I keep close to my heart. Namaste



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