Our WHY in life is probably the most important thing. It is what is going to fuel you daily and will be your motivation to get out of bed. We all have a why we tell ourselves constantly, this may be conscious or unconscious, so it is a good idea to get clear on what exactly this is!

When I know my why, I have so much confidence that everything will work out. It doesn’t matter about how exactly I am going to do that, as long as I know the why everything else will follow. Why you want to do something is incredibly powerful. If you want to do it for positive reasons and your why is strong, then there won’t be any obstacle out there that you cannot manage. However if you why is fear based, or any other negative emotion, then whatever you want to achieve will be incredibly difficult because your heart just won’t be in it. There are obviously exceptions to this: if you fear you won’t be able to feed your children so that is why you work hard, then it will probably be very good motivation to work. However if you go deeper love is the root of your why, not fear.

At this point in my life, most of my whys are love. Why do I do yoga everyday? Because I love it. Why do I write? Because I love it. Why do I spend time with family and friends? Because I love it and I love them. It is incredibly simple for me now. If I do not love something then it is a no from me. This may not be a practical way for everyone to live their life, saying no to anything you don’t love, because sometimes in life we have to do things we don’t want to do or love. However right now this is working for me and that is why I am keeping to it. If my why does not contain even the tiniest essence of love then I cannot and will not do something.


How can you get clear on your why? 

This is difficult at first because often there are many many reasons why we are doing something. If you look at each thing in your life, and really meditate on why you are doing it this may help. Take a few days to mull it over. It can be especially helpful to think about how it makes you feel. It if it isn’t making you feel good then your why might be negative and it is definitely a good idea to get clear on that. This can then turn your life around because you can say no to the whys that are not serving you and thus make yourself a lot happier.

The hardest why that I’m not sure if I will ever be able to answer is why am I alive? What is my purpose on this planet and the underlying why behind everything I do? I am not sure whether it is to inspire others or to make the world a better place. All I can do is carry on and make sure that the purpose in life I am leading is bringing good about in the world and most of all love, that seems to be the common theme in my life.

What happens when you stray from your why? 

I often forget why I am doing something, especially if I have been doing it a long time. When this happens I may need to take a break from it, this usually reminds me why I do it in the first place. Or I can just bring more consciousness into whatever I am doing. When I do it and I am fully present I feel the why in my Being, and that is enough.

For those who don’t know there why.. 

All I want to say now is that if you don’t know your why that is also ok. Do things out of love and joy and spend time with that energy in your life. If you never figure out the specific why that does not matter, I think most of us don’t have a clue.

Just trust in your why, you don’t have to know it in your mind but try to feel it in your heart. Trust in this and know that the how will take care of itself. As long as your why is pure and good then everything will work out.

The universe will conspire to help you. – The Alchemist 


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