Why I Do Yoga (How To Be HAPPY)

Like most other people (I think), my teenage years weren’t easy. We had lots of problems going on at home, and at school I just never felt like I could fit in. I was struggling discovering who I really was and at the same time lacking confidence to find out.


I guess we probably all go through that period of our lives, for some of us it is shorter than others. As the years progress it gets easier and easier just to be who you are. You know more about yourself and can navigate the world a little better.


Before I took up yoga my life was far from perfect. I had a very bad body image and would spend a lot of time comparing myself to others and feeling unhappy. I never brought myself up, I was always bringing myself down in my head and this made me feel terrible. My relationships with those around me mirrored my relationship with myself, and so they weren’t in a good place either. I felt isolated a lot of the time and didn’t feel truly happy with my life.


When I discovered my love for yoga all of this began to heal. Yoga started giving me a much better relationship with my body and my whole perception of myself started to change. I began feel in awe of my body because of all the amazing things it could do on the yoga mat. I started nurturing it with food and love so that I could grow my yoga practice. I then took this off the mat so that I could feel at home in my body within my life. 


Yoga gave me confidence to be myself. It stripped back the layers; all the negative emotions and past memories I had been carrying around for so long. It helped me let go of false identities and attachments that were not serving me. Everyday in my practice I would give something up. Instead of feeling lesser without it, I started to feel like more. I felt like myself and my life reflected that and became what I wanted it to be.


This is not a post about how you must do yoga, I know it is not for everyone. However it is a post trying to inspire you to find something that you love and something that brings you back to yourself. 


That could be anything, we each have our dharma out there waiting for us, our purpose in life. Find what makes you happy and you have found it. Then bring it into the lives of others and use it for the service of the world.


I want you all to know that it is possible. I never thought that I could be truly happy. I thought that suffering and pain was just part of life. I believed that the world was a lottery and it is random how much joy we would experience in our lives and something we couldn’t change.. How wrong I was. I have learnt to discard these limiting beliefs. I have learnt to see the truth in things and know that it is possible to be happy.


It is possible to be completely happy in your life, regardless of money, career or anything else. Your happiness is available to you right now, and we can all be happy!


In my yoga practice this morning I started crying because I was so overwhelmed with happiness. THAT is what I am talking about: not fleeting glimpses but the real thing. We can all have it!



Don’t spend your life waiting for the right time to live, go out and do that today!



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  1. I working on yoga! In fact I did a post on it recently … I’m starting to get it having got over feeling a bit ungainly and silly. I’ve found the breathing and stretching fantastic …. I shall follow you and look forward to reading your posts, thank you so much! I’m feeling inspired to do more. 🌞🌞🌞

    1. That is amazing, I’m glad you’re getting into yoga it is completely life changing 🙂 thank you for your comment!

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