Social Media Detox

I have decided to have a ‘social media detox’ from today (24th December) until next year.

This has been a sort of spontaneous decision but I just feel as though I am looking at social media a little too much at the moment and I need a break from it. It has become an unconscious habit which is something that I definitely want to avoid. Yesterday I was having a break from Instagram, and yet I still found myself scrolling through it unconsciously. It has become what I turn too in moments of silence.

I have decided that in those moments of silence I want to just be. I don’t want to constantly be looking for something else to fill my time and my life. I want to enjoy it exactly how it is. So from now until next year I will not be going on my phone or my laptop, instead I will be spending time living. 

I think this is so important for us to all do. We are completely taken over by technology and most of us don’t even know it! Does anyone else find this rather scary? I like to think that I am a conscious human being, but sometimes I slip out of that awareness and it feels as though I am slipping out of reality. When I look at Instagram it isn’t real life. It is looking at someone else’s reality which isn’t actually real at all! A lot of the photos are ‘staged’ and we become detached from the true world when we spend too much time looking at all of this.

So it is back to nature. It is back to my family. It is back to silence and just being content with sitting by myself. Because sometimes that is ok and what is needed. In fact I think it is needed everyday! I always find when I have a moment of stillness I am able to connect to that inner peace and I feel pure happiness starting to emerge in my heart. When I go on social media it vanishes.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I will be back for 2018, fresh and inspired, I will be brimming with new ideas to share.

Much much love





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