Do You Believe You Are Living Your Life To Its Fullest Potential?

Do you believe you are living your life to its fullest potential? 

I was asked this question recently and my immediate response was no.. The answer that came out of my mouth surprised me. I had not expected to say this and honestly I do believe that I am completely happy with my life at the moment, so why do I not believe that I am living it to its fullest potential? All of this has got me thinking and I have decided to ask myself a few more questions to uncover the truth and see if I can start to live my life to its fullest and make 2018 the best year possible…

What does living your life to its fullest potential look like? 

For me, it looks full. I would feel fulfilled, productive and tired at the end of each day. I would feel as though I had done everything and I couldn’t do any more. I wouldn’t waste time, each day I would be present for the whole day, so I do not miss a second of my life being unconscious.

The days would be filled with work that I love, yoga, spending time with family and friends, laughter, walks in nature, days at the beach, new adventures and fun.

When looking at the larger picture of my life, each day would be devoted to a higher purpose. I would make a difference in the world, help others and really devote my life to humanity.

How would you feel different if you were living your life to its fullest potential? 

I think I would feel more satisfied at the end of each day. If I am honest I am very happy at the moment living each day as it comes, although often I do not know where my life is heading and that scares me. If I knew I were living my life to its fullest potential then I think I would feel a lot more at ease with my life and trust that I am doing everything I can now to make the most of it.

Do you know what your life’s fullest potential is? 

No. I find it so difficult to tell. We can always do more. I heard someone say yesterday that when you think you are done that is only 40% of your capacity.. However is it sustainable to live like that, pushing to 100% all the time? I don’t know. I don’t know whether it is my brain making excuses or if it actually wouldn’t be healthy to live each day to its fullest.. 

Maybe the only way to be living life to its fullest is to be present so that you can live each moment as it arises. If we are there for each moment, to make the right choices and do our best, that is all we really can do in life.

But then how to you think about the bigger picture if you are only living moment to moment? These are some questions that I would like to think about a while longer, although I don’t know if I will ever find an answer…

Specifically what are you going to change so that you can start to live your life to its fullest potential? 

I am going to wake up and get present. That is number 1. I want to be present all day so that I am there to experience life rather than being stuck in my head. When I am present I always feel happier, and living a happy life is definitely a life lived to its fullest potential. When I am present I am kinder to others and I engage better. I am conscious of what I am doing and not on autopilot, I think when I am conscious I am definitely making the most of each moment, so this is what I want to do.

I think also I am going to really sit down and think about the things that I want to do with my life; such as finishing my book, teaching yoga, starting a podcast.. and then I am going to create space in my life for them by removing the things that aren’t serving me; watching tv, sitting on instagram, etc… When we live our life to the fullest potential obviously it will contain a balance of the things that make us happy now and the things that might be serving a higher purpose, but I feel as though right now in my life I want to tip the balance towards devoting more of my time towards a greater good and the service of humanity. That is what my Being is calling out for and I am ready to honour that.


This may seem like a very strange post. It is basically just a conversation with myself to help make my thoughts a little clearer, although I have specifically wrote the questions out so that you can ask yourself the same thing if you would like!

I just want to add that living your life to its fullest potential will look completely different to someone else living theirs. I think this is something that we could all do with remembering, me included. I often think that because someone else is inspiring so many other people and doing amazing things, I should be doing the same and I put pressure on myself live up to that standard. But I forget that we are all so different and the only way we can be of service to the Universe is by living our own completely authentic life, no one else’s.

So lets all join together by living 2018 to its fullest potential, however that looks for you! Maybe you are already living your life to its greatest potential and then I applaud you. If you are not and want to change then you can join me on this journey of growth and self discovery which is leading somewhere really exciting… I don’t know where yet, but I know that it is a beautiful place..

Have a brilliant 2018 everyone

Namaste x

Ps let me know your thoughts on this topic I am really interested to find out what everyone else thinks!

Photo taken of the stars, shot on my Canon G7X

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