Last night my head was spinning with ‘what if’s’ ..

What if my book doesn’t get published? 

What if I don’t make it as a yoga teacher? 

What if I get bored of what I am doing right now? 

As I wrote these down in my journal I started to feel empowered. I could see on paper that the ‘what if’s’ that I was thinking were only possible scenarios of what might happen in the future and it was interesting to see that they were all negative.

I think we are all programmed like this. Maybe it is a survival thing, I don’t know. But when we think about the future most of the time we are thinking about all the negative things that might happen and focusing on these. We blow them completely out of proportion and become anxious about something that isn’t even real! It seems crazy but we all do it and sometimes we might not even be conscious of the fact we are doing it.

Even when we are present it is very easy to focus on the one thing that isn’t working. We get caught up in the story of how our life isn’t going so well and we forget to see all the abundance we already have.

I have noticed this in myself a lot recently and it is something that I am working hard to change. I don’t want to be stuck focusing on the negatives the whole time and feeling awful, because it doesn’t have to be like that! If I simply shift my perception so that I am thinking about the great things in my life then I will be so much happier.

We all collect the evidence to back up the story we tell ourselves in our head. So start collecting the evidence to support a positive story to your life.


After I had this realisation I started to change the what ifs that I was thinking.

What if my book gets published… 

What if I make it as a yoga teacher… 

What if I spend the rest of my life like I am now: completely satisfied and at peace.. 

I felt so much more inspired when I was thinking positive what ifs for the future, and then I had another realisation..

Why don’t I just live in the present moment. Because I can never know what the future has in store for me. I can think about it in a negative light, or positive, but I still don’t think that will change the fact that I just don’t know. 

Wasting energy on something that we have no control over is kind of a waste of time! Think about all the amazing things you could be doing RIGHT NOW if you took your attention of the future and into the present.

A couple of days ago I said that I didn’t think I was living my life to its fullest potential. Only now I have realised why: When I am stuck thinking about the future, I am not actually living in the present moment. I am going to change all of that around. I am going to start to live. 

I thought that Osho sums all this up amazingly. He invites you to live MOMENT TO MOMENT: 

Never think of the past, because you are wasting the present, which is the only real thing in your hands. And never think of the future, because nobody knows how tomorrow is going to be, what tomorrow is going to be, how it is going to turn out, where you are going to land- you cannot imagine. 


I ask you all then to join me, let go of your what ifs, regardless of if they are good or bad, and join me in the present moment. Because this is the only place where we will truly be able to live and experience our fullest potential.

Fulfilment of your potential is bliss 

Osho – Living dangerously


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  1. Thank you. About collecting evidence to support a positive story…thanks for that. I had really forgotten about it and had got lost in the complications of life. I guess I just have to change my what ifs to positive ones and life will start feeling great.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Yes just change the story you tell yourself in your head and your world will start to transform, it really works! I hope you feel better soon x

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