Allow yourself to be HAPPY

Sometimes in my life, I feel as though everything is too good to be true. Instead of enjoying the present moment and all it has to offer, I allow anxious thoughts about the future to creep in and I can’t help thinking that surely something bad is going to happen, because life can’t stay this great forever, can it?

Maybe it can. Maybe I have cracked life right now with all the yoga and meditation and my life will stay this amazing everyday (I mean I don’t think this is the case but it could be..)

Instead of thinking about the future and the endless possibilities I am going to allow myself to be happy now. I am going to soak up this feeling of life whilst it is here and immerse myself in everything. 

I have learnt that sometimes in life, we are the only barrier between ourselves and happiness. I don’t know why this is, but often we think we can’t be happy and give ourselves excuses… I have a deadline at work so I can’t be happy right now… My aunty is sick so I can’t be happy… I have no money so of course I can’t be happy now, when I have money that is when I will be happy… 

But all of this is not true. When I write it down, can you see through the lies? Can you see that we can be happy, regardless of what is happening in life. These thoughts are not the truth. All you have to do is discard them and then you can be happy. All you have to do is choose that feeling of happiness, find what makes you happy and immerse yourself in it and allow it to happen. Give up the resistance and allow life to happen.

We all deserve to be happy so get that in your head right now, you are good enough and can be happy in your life! We all can.

Happiness comes from within us and the moment we are present that is when we will truly feel it. Forget about the future because this is going to hinder your happiness, it will only cause you stress and anxiety. Are you fed up of feeling anxious? Then start to be present and see how you can transform how you are feeling right now. 

I want this to be a message to all of us, that we can be happy. I want all of us to allow ourselves to be happy right now, because it is possible and it is within our reach. If we can drop the excuses then we can be happy.



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I am currently reading: Osho Living Dangerously

This is one of my favourite books and will explain exactly how you can become present and all the amazing things that happen when you do: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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