Body Insecurities

Recently I have felt a bit insecure in my body. I don’t know why this is, but I can feel the thoughts creeping in, I start unconsciously comparing myself to other people, and I start to feel insecure that feeling returning, the feeling of I am not good enough. 

This is something I have been working on my whole life. Self love is a journey that never ends. Everyday we have to practice loving ourself and appreciating ourself right now. I have learnt that it takes great strength to ignore that voice in the back of your head that says you are not good enough, some days it is hard to ignore it but we must try anyways. We cannot let the voice win because it is wrong, we are good enough and we all need to believe it.

If you let one untrue thought into your mind, then more will follow. They will quickly take over and you will be absorbed by doubt. Don’t let these thoughts in, focus on the positive things in your life and have disciple over your thoughts, eventually it will get easier to ignore them.

I find yoga is super helpful if my thought are overwhelming me. Yoga is space just to breathe and after a practice I always feel as though the negative energy has been shifted. Know that state follows action, so if you want to change your state to a more positive one take action first. 

Because when we have bad days we can’t afford to let the negative thoughts slip back in, that will only make us feel worse. I notice in my own life that the moment I start comparing myself to others and putting myself down, I turn into someone who I don’t want to be.. I am reactive and moody all because I feel bad about myself. Don’t let this happen, take responsibly and change your state if you feel like this. And remember to love yourself no matter what.

When you have negative thoughts about yourself it is a really good opportunity to practice acceptance. Accept yourself exactly how you are, and let go of any wishes to change anything. This is what I am doing right now and already I feel a million times better about myself.

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in feeling attached to our body and attached to the way we look. We forget that we are so much deeper then the external, we are a divine Being and our body is only the shell to that Being. Let go of how your body might look and focus on who you are inside, that is what is most important.

When you love yourself you will start to treat your body right. You will eat the right foods, in balance, and will exercise because it feels good. All your actions will stem from a place of love. You will love yourself even more because of this, it is an upward spiral and it all starts with self love. 

Right now I let go of my body insecurities because they are not serving me. I let go of judgements and doubt. I let go of everything apart from love. I am immersing myself in love for my body today and I am really going to appreciate myself for who I am.

Because we are all divine and we are all perfect. The sooner we can realise this the sooner we can start enjoying life.



Photo taken on my Canon G7x

The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells – this book will transform your relationship with yourself and spark your journey of self love.

Right now I am reading: Live Dangerously by Osho (an AMAZING book I highly recommend)

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