How we can use the Now to manifest our dreams

The Now is all we have. The past is the past and is over. The future is just an illusion our mind invents and we cannot ever know the future until it is the Now. 

That is why I want to stress the importance of using the Now to achieve and manifest your dreams. If we are always waiting until the next day and the next, then it may never happen. There are things that we can do right now to get closer to our dreams and we should be taking those steps.

  1. Write out a list of your dreams and desires. This will help you get clear on them (if you haven’t done this already) so you really can harness the power of the Now to achieve them. Rewrite this list into the present. Write it as though you already have these things in your life and you are grateful for them. Now I want you to write this list out on several more pieces of paper and put them all around your house! Keep one in your pocket, or in your purse. Stick one on your mirror. Whatever works for you. Read this list daily to remind yourself of what you are setting your intentions on and manifesting in your life. This will keep your eyes open to the possibilities that arise…
  2. Take each dream and get specific. Write every detail you can about it and don’t leave anything out. This will also be helpful for your creative visualisation! Now use all of this to write down 5 things you can do everyday that will get you a tiny bit closer to that dream. They can be as small as you like, for example: everyday you will save a 1p so you can afford a flight somewhere. All the little things build up into something big so do not discredit them. The small steps will get you there in the end.
  3. Be Kind ! This seems a totally unrelated point, but let me explain. When completely kind to those around us we attract a lot more positive things into our life. Some people call it Karma, but for me it is just common sense. Be kind to those around you and then the universe will be kind to you.
  4. Finally, stay PRESENT. For us to totally harness the Power of the Now, we need to be in the Now! The only way we can do this is to be present. When we are present then we fill find the opportunities presenting themselves to us because we are present enough to be aware of them. When we are present we can make sure every choice we make is in alignment with our dreams and our inner Being. That way every breath we take is an opportunity to become closer to our dreams and become our highest selves. But be careful not to fall into the trap of using the Now as a stepping stone to the future. Appreciate the Now in its entirety and immerse yourself in its power and its energy.



Photo taken in New Zealand, on the Canon G7x

A super helpful book to read, related to this topic, is: The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success by Deepak Chopra

I am currently reading: Living Dangerously by Osho (it is life changing)

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