Don’t forget self love

Don’t forget self love

When we are on the path towards our dreams it is very easy to forget about ourself. It may sound silly, but self love is something that we must practice everyday and devote time too, just like meditation. When you forget about self love then it is easy to crumble when disappointments arise or burn out under pressure. In order to survive the pace of daily life (especially whilst living in London) I have found it essential to root myself deeply in self love.

The way I do this is by writing a list of everything I love or appreciate about myself. 

The first time I did this I found it a lot harder than I thought it would be. When the attention was turned on me I struggled. I think this is just because most of us go through our lives without really acknowledging ourselves. I used to think it was ‘cocky’ to value myself. I would always put myself down and be harsh on myself because I thought this was normal.

It may be ‘normal’ for people to put themselves down the whole time but it isn’t right. It is quite insane actually when you think about it. We have to be our own best friend and completely have our own backs. We have to bring ourselves up so we can walk through our lives with confidence and make a difference on this planet.

Not valuing myself lead to my eating disorder, which lead to me feeling deeply depressed for many years. I do not wish anyone else to have to go through that, but sadly they do. If we can raise our self esteem by putting the attention on our positive points and not our floors, then we can protect ourselves from serious mental health conditions and a lot of pain.

So in this moment, right now, what do you appreciate about yourself?

Is it your eyes? The fact you gave money to charity today? Your smile? Your patience in certain relationships?

Whatever it may be, write down these things and know that there are many many more. Maybe you cannot see them right now, but trust me there are an infinite number of things that you have to appreciate about yourself.



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I love you all

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