Is there somewhere in your life where you are holding back?

Is there somewhere in your life where you are holding back?

I invite you to ask yourself this right now.

Really look at your life and ask yourself if there is anywhere where you can grow. I guarantee there will be some area where you have the possibility for expansion.

Life is about growing. If we are not growing then what is the point? If we are not pushing the boundaries everyday and reaching our fullest potential then really what is the point?

I am not asking you to do this all at once. All I am asking is that you look at your life and see if there is somewhere where you can step outside your comfort zone, allow yourself to be vulnerable and grow.

I know it is hard, but it is truly worth it.

In my own life I was holding back from being seen. I never wanted to be in the spotlight. I didn’t speak up in front of large groups because it terrified the shit out of me. But yesterday I didn’t hold back. I stepped over that line and allowed myself to be seen by 30 other individuals. I stood in front of them and taught a yoga class. I ignored the thoughts telling me that I would mess up and I just went for it. I stood in my truth and owned the stage..

You know what? It wasn’t that hard, and it resulting in me having the best day ever and opening my life up to many new amazing possibilities..

Are you up for that? Are you up for growth, expansion, beauty, possibility?

If you are then I invite you to step outside your comfort zone and to never hold back. 



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