In my most recent podcast, Maybe it is possible, I talk about stepping outside your comfort zone. I had an amazing experience at the weekend, a massive breakthrough in my life, and I share it with you all in my podcast. You can listen to it on iTunes HERE.

I have realised that the only way to grow is to step outside your comfort zone and allow yourself to feel uncomfortable..

I think everyone can agree that it isn’t nice to feel uncomfortable. I know from past experiences that when something feels wrong I instantly try change this feeling or run away from it. I very rarely sit there with my uncomfortableness and just embrace it. I do not go deeply into how I am feeling without judgement and without trying to alter anything. However recently I have been working on changing all this around!

We are all conditioned to avoid pain, both mental and physical. This is simply evolution and how everything on this planet has survived, it has been deeply rooted in us for thousands of years.

I am asking you to step out of that. We have been taught all our lives that feeling uncomfortable is a bad thing, but maybe it isn’t…

Really there is no bad or good. We cannot label anything. So feeling uncomfortable is neither negative or positive. It is what it is.

However there can be amazing rewards from simply sitting with this feeling or even embracing it. By stepping out our comfort zones we achieve amazing growth. It is not possible any other place! Nothing good or valuable in life comes easy… We must be willing to suffer for our passions and to get to the place where we want to be.

There are countless examples of this, and you probably have many from your own experiences, but I am going to use the example of running: I love to run and love how it makes me feel. If every time I went running I stopped because it got difficult and I felt uncomfortable, then I would never improve. It is as simple as that. I would be limiting the joy that I could experience in this area of my life.

Our lives are full of examples like this. In every possible area we can think of there is an opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and really experience what is on the other side of that invisible barrier. I know it is not easy but we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is only in that space that we can have breakthroughs and really transform our lives.

Even when you have achieved your dreams and you are happy, there are still places where growth is possible. Because what is life if we are not growing?

So explore where you can grow. Be a yes for your growth and step outside your comfort zone!



I am currently reading Living Dangerously by Osho

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