Today, I don’t know why, I felt so much resistance.

Resistance to the present moment, resistance to life and to everything that was going on. This made me feel shit. I couldn’t help listening to the negative thoughts in my head, I felt down, unmotivated and completely tired. For the first time in so long I had a nap in the middle of the day because it all felt too much. I was snappy with my boyfriend and wishing things could be different… All because of my resistance.

I forgot something fundamental though. I forgot that MOOD FOLLOWS ACTION. I was waiting for my mood to change, forgetting that I needed to change things myself. 

Mood follows action.. how many of us apply this to our life? How many of us take responsibility for our state and change it? I will be the first to put my hand up and say that I often don’t..

I went to yoga this morning, still full of resistance but deciding that I was going to surrender to life. At the start of my practice I was distracted and looking at the clock, but as time went by and I moved, the energy got shifted and I felt my whole body soften. I stopped thinking about time and started enjoying what was going on right now. Whether the pose I was in was hard or easy, I let it be and enjoyed it. I started getting curious with my body instead of resisting what was showing up for me in the moment.

This has transformed my day. I now feel like myself again and I feel at peace. I have let go of my resistance and I feel my excitement for life returning, I feel the inspiration flowing back through me and I can write again. I can do all the things I love because I am once again present without resistance to what is. 

The message of this story is that mood follows action, and if you feel how I felt this past weekend: if you feel down, unmotivated, stuck.. then take action first. Go outside for a walk. Roll out your mat and practice yoga. Do whatever works for you, take action and shift your state. Shift your mood and allow yourself to let go of all the things that are not right in your life. Let go of them because they will sort themselves out, they will be ok. Let go of them and put your focus on what is working right now. Start to feel grateful for what you have and grateful for the present moment, don’t resist what is.

I wish someone had told me this, had given me a nudge to change my state.. because then maybe I wouldn’t have wasted time resisting. But then again, it was the perfect opportunity to learn and grow.

Let go of your resistance and take hold of all the possibilities available to you right now, because I guarantee you that there will be many.

Always remember that mood follows action. 




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