When in life do we take time to reflect on the day we have just had?

Do you do it? If I am honest I rarely do.. I journal every evening but that is mainly filled with what I am feeling in that exact moment, it is not a reflection of my day. I never look back on my day and look where I could learn from it, I never take all the goodness there is offered to me from the day..

Well today I will. Today I am going to look back honestly on my day and see where I have an opportunity for growth, because it is guaranteed that we all do!

So today.. I woke up at 5.45 and meditated. That was a win and I am going to appreciate myself for that. Looking back for opportunities for growth cannot just be looking back for all the negative parts of your day, you have to also appreciate all the amazing things you did today, because there will be many.

I went to work, I could have been more enthusiastic, more present, more understanding and compassionate, more patient… There are a lot of qualities that I would have liked to bring into my day at work. I loose myself in my job and I forget to be present. I am not making excuses here but this is definitely something I will work on tomorrow: being present.. However I did have fun at work so that is another positive point.

I cycled home with my boyfriend and did some yoga which gave me the energy I lacked all day. Tomorrow I could grow by doing a little more yoga and not rushing.. but at least I did yoga so I am going to appreciate myself for that.

Now I have been editing a podcast and chatting to my boyfriend, we are currently listening to music and I can feel myself being overwhelmed with gratitude again.. Looking back on my day like this, writing it all down.. makes me so bloody grateful. For me this was not a stand out day, it was pretty average if I am honest, yet it was amazing. I am grateful to be living the life I choose. And this is available to every single person out there. All you have to do is start to make decisions for yourself. Don’t listen to others. They might say that they are more experienced than you and they know best.. but they don’t- Only you do. Remember that always.. You know what is right and you know when you could have done better and when you did your best. Reflect on your day and only you will be able to be the judge of it.

So my conclusion of this rather random post is that: everyone has the potential to decide how they want to live their life… and .. by reflecting on your day you might realise how much you already have to be grateful for. 

Now it is time for me to join the present moment, sing some songs and read my book.

Namaste all


I am currently reading Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by B.K.S. Iyengar

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