Self love affirmation

Today, I invite you all to join me in saying a self love affirmation to yourself.

Today the affirmation I have chosen is:

I am beautiful 

This is what I need to hear right now and I will be repeating it to myself internally throughout the day. Maybe you want to join me in saying the same affirmation, or maybe you need to hear anything else. Whatever your soul needs today, say that to yourself. Say your own affirmation internally as loud as you can, drowning out any negative thoughts you might have. Use your affirmation to drown out the voice that says ‘I am not good enough’ or the voice that says ‘I should be doing better.’ Ignore those voices because they are wrong. You are perfect and you do not need to change a thing. You are where you need to be right now, in the exact place, and all you need to do is breath.

Repeat your affirmation to yourself and have a beautiful day everyone.



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