Does anyone else feel as though this month has gone insanely quickly, or is it just me? I think I feel like this every month though, my life is fast and I love it, but I am remembering to take time to enjoy every moment and slow down. 

Today my favourite part of my day was all the little moments, the quiet moments, these are what is sacred to me. I was lying in savasana at the end of my yoga practice and I realised that it was the first stillness I had had all day. It felt so good to be able to lie on the floor and do nothing apart from listen to the traffic outside.

I am reading Tony Parsons at the moment and he says that all there is is oneness. This resonates with me. I can’t comprehend it but I can feel it, I know some part of me knows the truth.

I don’t know if any of this is making sense right now. This is just a stream of my consciousness. It is just my most raw, unprocessed thoughts. Maybe you want to listen, maybe you don’t, either way that is ok.

When we let people into our thoughts, or even past these thoughts, they start to see the real us. They can see our consciousness and maybe they will see the oneness. When we are unfiltered, this is where the beauty lies. This is what I am doing now even though it is just a babble of words pouring out through my hands onto the keyboard and manifesting on this word document…

Whatever you are doing right now, maybe you can start to allow your consciousness to flow out from you and into the world. Or maybe you can just take a sigh and let yourself be still for just one minute.

Whatever your soul needs in this very moment, do it.



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