The Law of Attraction.

When we have positive thoughts we manifest positive experiences into our life..

Buddha said that your life is the creation of your mind, and this is so true. However you perceive the world is going to become your reality. So if you want to change your life, change your mind first.

I always feel as though I am two. By this I mean that there is me and then there is my mind. My mind can be judgemental, critical and negative. It is constantly giving me a commentary to my life that I cannot escape.

The me, my true Self, or my soul, is who I am. It is the divine being within, where all my creativity, kindness, inspiration and compassion comes from. This is where everything I do is born from. It is a sacred place and when I access it I feel infinitely happy.

To bring the law of attraction into your life you need to be able to separate these two parts of you, separate your ego from your Self. This isn’t easy. It takes time. It takes commitment and honesty and courage and patience. But the more you observe, the more you will notice which is which, and the moment you can see then you will have an awareness which is invaluable. You will be able to know what is real. You will know which dreams to follow, which ones are coming from your heart. And these dreams will happen, because the universe is conspiring to help you. Things will flow.

To bring the law of attraction into your life you need to have something you want to attract, and I believe that this needs to come from your deeper Self, otherwise it is going to be a struggle to attract that which isn’t meant to be attracted.

Once you know what your soul desires, then you know. You will feel it in your whole Being and that is when you can start attracting it effortlessly into your life.

Use your thoughts first. Visualise what you want to happen. Use affirmations in the present tense, such as I am abundant, to attract the thing into your life. Your thoughts will be reflected in your outer world, so tend to your thoughts and the universe will take care of everything else.

Do not be afraid to ask the universe. Find somewhere quiet, somewhere sacred, and ask the universe for what your heart desires. The universe will respond. It might not respond the way you expect it too, but it will definitely respond and however that looks it is meant to be.

Stay grateful for whatever you attract into your life. Even if you don’t attract exactly what you desired, be grateful and stay patient. Trust and trust with all your heart and it will come.

I have seen this happen in my own life, and that is why I believe it to be true. Changing your mind changes your life. Believe that you can achieve anything that you want and it will happen.

It is possible. 



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