What does vulnerability mean to you?

I have been thinking a lot more about vulnerability since I started practicing yoga, before then I don’t think I had even gave it a second thought. Vulnerability.. It really isn’t something we are encouraged to practice, we never speak about this word, and yet it is where all the joy and connection in life hide.

I have mentioned that I am doing a happiness project for this year, and my focus for February is vulnerability- can I be vulnerable? can I show my true self?

Yesterday I ended up researching vulnerability because I actually didn’t know how this was going to manifest in my life. I didn’t really know how to be more vulnerable. I watched Brene Brown’s TED TALK for a second time and it really opened my eyes to this topic. She said that to be vulnerable is to allow yourself to be seen. She said that being vulnerable means being authentic and real, loving with your whole heart and believing that you are enough! She also said something very interesting that has resonated with me this morning, she said that to be vulnerable means to practice gratitude and joy in moments of terror. 

I felt this this morning. I wasn’t feeling ‘terror’ exactly but I was in pain. I challenged myself to meditate for 45 minutes instead of my usual 30, and the step up was hard! My legs had gone to sleep and I was in a lot of pain for those last 15 minutes. I had stepped out my comfort zone and in those minutes I definitely felt vulnerable. Brene Brown’s words stuck with me and I decided to list everything I was grateful for, even in my moments of pain. I have to say it worked. I am super proud of myself for getting through that, even though it might not sound like much it was actually a big deal for me, and I think it just goes to show that vulnerability can be brought into even the most unexpected areas of your life.

So why be vulnerable? When you can be vulnerable and allow yourself to be imperfect, then you are showing you have courage, and that leads to a sense of worthiness. This all creates happiness in our lives and we can live the life that we truly desire because we believe we are worthy of it.

I am going to be using February to allow myself to be vulnerable and put myself out there into the universe. I will keep you updated as to what happens, but I can feel that it is going to be good.. Maybe you want to join me and that is ace, we can embrace vulnerability together.



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