Do you want abundance?

Do you want abundance? I know I do. I am manifesting abundance in my life right now and I am slowly learning that the only way to attract an abundance of anything is to give it first.

If you want an abundance of happiness for example, give happiness. Come from a place were you believe you already have an abundance in your life and this is how you are going to attract more. It is the simple law of attraction.

We can all have abundance in our life, it isn’t hard. All we have to do is believe we already have it and act from that place. If you think you are lacking and come from a place of lack you are going to create more of that in your life, so do the opposite, create abundance. 

There is enough to go around. There is enough for all of us. I am reminding myself of this now and maybe I can remind you as well.

I hope this little message resonates with you some how. It was just something on my mind that I wanted to share..




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