Do We Ever Change?

I am always noticing how my life is just one circle. It is funny how I end up back where I started again and again, I feel different but am I really?

For example every time I go back home to visit my family, everything is exactly the same. I go home feeling like a new person but then the moment I am back I seem to slot into that space, and I become exactly who I was before I left. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is interesting how easily it happens…

Another example is that over the past 3 years me and my boyfriend have been together, we have both changed tremendous amounts, I think me especially. He has obviously noticed this and we were discussing it the other day. I was trying to explain that I haven’t actually changed, I have just got better at being myself. 

So is that what happens to all of us in life? We think we are changing but in fact we are just becoming ourselves. We are giving up the bullshit and just growing into the person who we are. I don’t know.. That is how it feels like for me though.

I have been to some amazing places in my life: to Africa, Asia, and others. Each time I go away I see things differently and feel as though I am changing dramatically. I observe my life from the outside and I make that commitment to change certain areas of it that aren’t serving me. This lasts for about a month when I get home and then I completely forget.. Every single time I have gone away, this has happened. Is it just me or does anyone else experience this as well? When you are back in your old, comforting, environment do you end up going back to your old self?

Maybe the only way to make a lasting change is to completely change our environment. To move to a new place and leave all our baggage behind. This probably works for a lot of people however we definitely have to be careful that we don’t just bring all our ‘shit’ with us and end up the same person as we were before..

I think any lasting change is going to be difficult. Whether you are changing for the better or just chaining so you can fully be yourself, it is going to take a lot of work! It will take work daily to reverse habits of a lifetime. We have to rewire our brain. It is not easy but it can be done, and it is so worth it when you do. My advise for making a change in your life is to Remind yourself daily! I think this is the only way that we can continue that change for years and years until it becomes permanent. Keep it at the front of your brain and make it your focus!

My conclusion to this long ramble, is that we CAN change, it just takes time and commitment. So maybe most of us think we have changed briefly, but it doesn’t stick. If we want to change for good it does require a lot of work…



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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Honestly this makes complete and utter sense to me. It took moving out of my little chaotic cottage and living with someone who is a total non-procrastinator, a real do-er to start to change my habits and patterns which were so utterly negative and created such a negative world for me to live in. It was a process and I’m still learning, very much so, but wow oh wow, my life has totally transformed and I am creating new, good habits and doing some wonderful things. I actually have a life! It’s seriously hard work changing habits, literally, of a lifetime. But if I can do it, my goodness, anyone can! Great post and sorry for rambling …

    1. Don’t be sorry for rambling!! I am so happy that you have been able to make positive changes in your life, creating positive habits is really transformational but it is hard work!! You are right though that anyone can change, it is always possible:) Thank you so much for commenting and have a beautiful day xxx

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