Today I want to talk about taking responsibility. 

You are responsible for your own life, you and no one else. I find this so empowering. This means that we don’t have to wait for others to make us happy, we can do it ourself.

When we take responsibility for our lives we are the ones making the decisions. If something makes us unhappy, we stop doing it; if something is not in alignment with who we are then we can say no. To have full responsibility over our lives means that they can look however we want them to look..

Imagine your dream life right now… Picture every detail in your head, who do you want to be? Where do you want to be living? What job do you want to do everyday?

Answer these questions and then know that you can make it happen… You have the power to align every decision in your life with the answer to these questions so that you eventually arrive where you want to go.. Whatever age your are and wherever you are right now, know that it is possible to be who you want to be. 

Recently this has showed up for me. When I imagine my dream life it is filled with creativity and I am productive, happy and feel good about myself. The past few days I have spent a little too much time watching Netflix and this never makes me feel good.. I have spent time blaming my boyfriend for this because we always watch it together and if he wasn’t there then I wouldn’t be watching TV on my own.. But this morning in my meditation I realised that I cannot spend my life blaming him! I have responsibility for the choices I make, no one else is making me do anything. If I don’t want to spend evenings in bed watching rubbish (even though sometimes that is what I feel like doing) then am the one to say no to that and decide to do something else instead.

Today I made that decision to take responsibility and that simple shift has made me feel so on top of life for the whole of today. I am smiling ear to ear because today has been everything I wanted it to be, all because I realised that I am responsible. I realised that I have the power to create my own life, to write my own story. I can do whatever I want in this life time. I am filled with possibilities and just writing this right now is giving me goose bumps because I know it is true! It is true for all of us! You are LIMITLESS… You have infinite potential to create the life of your dreams, so know that you can do absolutely anything you dream of!

So today I chose to have a ‘technology free’ day, and by that I mean no pointless use of technology.. (so writing this blog post right now doesn’t count as using technology ;)) I feel good! I feel happy and I feel as though I am living the life I want to right now. 

So whatever life you dream about having, start having it right now! It is that simple I promise. If you picture your dream self waking up every morning at 6am, drinking green smoothies and running everyday, then do that NOW! I know that some things we can’t do right away, we can’t wake up and just start working at our dream work place.. but we can do things everyday to get us closer to that place. Only we are the ones who are responsible for making it happen.

I hope this has inspired you to feel empowered about the life you are living. Always remember that it is your life. You can do anything you want to. Believe that it is all possible.

Much love to you all and Namaste


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  1. I love this post because it shows the journey each and every day to making that shift, too often in our line of work I meet people who declare themselves ‘saved’ and profess to always being in alignment. We are human and therefore by default will bounce in and out of alignment. The best thing of all about your post is the excitement you bring and the immediate reward of making the shift and feeling that big smile in your heart. Namaste <3

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Yes it totally is a journey and I think it is quite humbling to remember that, namaste!

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