I forgot how much I loved music. I spent the whole of yesterday evening just listening to good music which made me feel so inspired for the rest of my life. I realised that music has power. One song has the potential to completely change our mood around, almost to change our life.

Maybe it is the vibrations. We are vibrations anyways, so having a vibration that is in tune with us can just uplift us and take us somewhere else… Music feels part of my soul and I love it.

I had the sudden urge to share this with you. Last night I was sat there listening to music with tears in my eyes and a massive smile on my face all because of the beauty that the songs contained. I wanted to know if anyone else feels like this? Feels so deeply connected to music? As humans we seek connection, and I don’t think we are very good at this, we feel separate and alone, yet music bridges this gap.. Music is something that can connect us to anyone and anywhere on earth.

Each song for me has memories. It connects me to places I have traveled and people I have been with. Each song is sacred and the emotion attached can be overwhelming. For me this is the power of music, it is not the songs alone but it is the memories we associate with those songs and the feelings they can evoke.

Every time I listen to a song I can close my eyes and be taken somewhere completely different. I love that. I love the tiny escape it gives us from this physical world.



This photo was taken in New Zealand, but it totally has some musical effect for me..

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