We are all worthy of greatness… that is my message of today.

Hey guys, just letting you know that this week’s podcast is now up on iTunes and Soundcloud..


Yoga has been the catalyst for everything in my life right now.. It has lead me to where I am and today I want to share that with you all…

In this podcast I am discussing how yoga has help me in my life, specifically mentally. I talk about stepping outside your comfort zone, following your heart instead of your head and also trusting and seizing each tiny opportunity.

I talk about yoga beyond the physical poses, how it has changed my thoughts from negative to positive and what my advise is for beginners.

I tell the story of the yoga class that inspired me to drop out of university and how I now have the confidence to live my own life all because of yoga.

Finally I speak about allowing yourself to be happy and I come to the realisation of a new affirmation for my life: WE ARE ALL WORTHY OF GREATNESS.

I am so grateful to everyone who listens, thank you all. Have a brilliant weekend, shanti (peace)

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