Take each day as it comes.

I have learnt that sometimes it is best to live our life by taking each day as it comes…

This advise is coming to you from someone who loves to plan, trust me I am usually in my head getting excited about some fantasy in the far off future.. Even though this is positive it does have a flip side, it is quite easy to start worrying about that same ‘thing’ that may or may not happen.

I have learnt that we can never know what is going to happen, however much we want to, we can never plan anything. Maybe, I often think, it is easier just to let go of the future and allow it all to be.

I do find it is very very easy to get caught up in the future, we live our whole lives for the future- going to school so that we can get a good job; working in our job so that we can get promoted; then working so that we can retire. It feels as though everything we do in life is for the future, so when can we stop and just live our life for the present?

Sometimes thinking about the future can fill me with excitement and the feeling of possibility which I love! But then the future also fills us with a lot of unnecessary anxiety- we worry about what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, or even next year. All this time spent in our head is never going to make us happy, it is never going to bring us joy, as I have explained already- the only place we find happiness is right now. 

I have discovered that the secret and the simple solution is to take each day as it comes. I now do this in my life and I am so much happier. Yes I have plans for the future but they are very loose, I am trusting that whatever will be will be. This takes a leap of faith, but if you can take that leap then it is very rewarding. You are able to live each day to its fullest extent and completely enjoy your life, any time a problem arises you are present to deal with it when it arises, you are not waiting and worrying about things that may or may not happen. But it is difficult to do this.

My mum always taught me to ‘cross that bridge when you come to it’. She repeatedly said this to me as a child and even though it has been deeply engrained in me, I still find it hard to live by.

I think as humans we find it hard to live in the present moment and not to worry because we have been brought up to live for the future. When we are at school we are there so that we can get a job. When we have a job we are working so that we can retire. It feels as though everything we do in this life is so that we can be happier at some point in the future, but when does that end? Do we all have to wait until we are retired until we can be happy? Can’t we be happy right now? 

Is it even possible to enjoy life if we think about the future? Surely not. If we are never in the present moment then we are never living. So many people never live their lives, they wake up when it is too late. Don’t wait for that to happen, wake up now! Start living your life now and enjoy it now because right now is all we have.

Take each day as it comes and allow yourself to be ok with uncertainty. The future is uncertain, whether you think about it or not. It is uncertain and it will be uncertain. This is a fact. We have two choices: either we can feel anxious about all the uncertainty of the future or we can accept it and enjoy the present moment. It is up to you.

As I am writing these words I feel the joy of being alive wash over me, I can feel my fingers typing and I am smiling because this moment is perfect exactly as it is. It has been a practice of mine to get ok with not knowing and get ok with living in uncertainty. But right now it feels ok, that is because I am truly present and when I am completely present I can trust. I trust with all my Being because I know the future will work out fine, it will work out exactly as it is meant too. I am not going to think about the future. I am going to concentrate on this moment right now and take each day as it comes.

We are all far from perfect, all we can do is live each day as it comes, doing our best to be our best Self and live our best life. Be kind to those around you and be present in your life. Think about today and today only. Because tomorrow never comes.



(View from my window in London last night, shot on my canon)

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