be the change you wish to see

On my journey of yoga I have learnt that we all have a lot of work to do. We are all evolving and growing everyday, we can all be better human beings and in order to be the best version of ourselves we have to do the work.

Sometimes the question why comes to me. I am happy now, why do I need to do the work? What could this possibly achieve?

I think I should probably add here that by ‘doing the work’ I mean work on the inside, work on who you are as a person. Looking at yourself honestly and seeing where in your life you could grow and be better. This work is tough and it requires commitment and discipline, I am learning this in my own life and I am far from perfect.

I have learnt from my own life that there is so much more out there than we already know and have. Our potential is infinite, and this means that wherever we are in our life we can always go further.

You don’t know what you are missing until you have experienced it. If you have never ever tried vegan Ben and Jerries in your life then you seriously do not know what you are missing, you have never tried it so you can’t even begin to imagine it. Even if someone else describes it to you, you don’t fully know until you have experienced it for yourself.

This is the same for happiness. I used to think I was happy, but actually I was pretty miserable. I was shutting myself off from a lot of things and I didn’t even know it. I wasn’t conscious of my life and so I wasn’t truly living.

Think about your happiness right now, is it at its maximum? or could you be happier? The answer is probably the latter, probably that there is room for more happiness and joy and love in your life. I believe that there always is, because these are not limited things.

So that is why we must do the work. We must go within to look for the answers because that is how we find more happiness in our life. Self enquiry is a magical thing, it really opens your eyes to everything. The first time I ever looked at myself was a bit of a shock, if I am honest I wasn’t so happy with what I found, but this is the only way to find lasting happiness. By looking at ourselves honestly we can change our life.

There are many self enquiry techniques out there. I have done a podcast on some of the ones I use if you are interested. It is called: DO YOU KNOW YOURSELF, on iTunes or Soundcloud.

I also believe another reason why we must do the work on ourself first is because that is the only way we are going to change this planet. Like Gandhi said: Be the change you wish to see.. This is so true for all of us and something we can all do.

We can change this planet. We can change this world. I have hope and I am sure you do too. There are so many amazing things happening right now and we can be part of it all to collectively make this planet a beautiful place, but remember it all starts within..

So look within. Look within for the answers and that is the only place you will find them. Look within for your truth and your possibilities, because trust me you already have them. They are hiding somewhere within you just waiting to be found.



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  1. Am expecting another post like this I just read.  You really make my day reading this one.

    Thanks. Again. You can check me up on my blog also

    Peace and Love

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