Why are we all so serious

I take a deep breath in, and sigh everything all out.

Today has been non stop, I have been caught in my head, tired and feeling as though I have been pushing through the day. I haven’t taken a moment to pause, but now I do.

This evening after work I biked home a different route. I don’t know why. I just felt compelled to mix up my usual routine, I felt like I needed something fresh. I got utterly lost, cycled round in circles and ended up going in the wrong direction to home. But it was fun. I realised that that was exactly what I needed, just some time to get loose myself and release all of this seriousness I have been carrying.

I often forget to smile. I am a smiley person but sometimes I catch myself not smiling. Why is this? Why do we forget to smile? Smiling feels like the most natural thing to me and it immediately brightens whatever mood I am in, so why don’t I smile the whole time?

I realise that we all can easily take life wayyyy too seriously. We are serious about the image we portray to the world. We limit ourself because we don’t allow ourselves to get messy, because what would other people think? God forbid that they wouldn’t be impressed… And we limit ourselves from so many other things because we are being so serious. We forget we are being serious and so never know what is happening. Little things matter too much and we get upset over nothing. I totally understand this, I do the same. But I want to let all of that go, now I am going to smile more often and take life less seriously..

Because who ever said life had to be serious? Our life is beautiful, and it is creative and it is fun and it is new, but why serious? We are serious and then we get scared. But if we could let all of that go imagine how free we could be!

Like anything in life, this is a practice, and everyday will be different. All we can ever do is try our best and that is all. Try our best and enjoy this life while we can.

So tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow I am going to smile more and laugh. Laughter cures everything.



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