Travelling on a budget

So many of us love to travel. So many of us dream of exploring the world and seeing all these beautiful places with our own eyes. Yet that isn’t possible for everyone? Or is it?

I have done my fair share of travelling these past 4 years and all of that was done on a budget! I am 20 and do not have a lot of money, yet I have managed to go to 5 out of 7 of the continents and travel for months on end…

In my latest episode of The In Alignment Podcast I am talking all about travelling on a budget. I share with you all my tips and how exactly to make it work when you don’t have much money!

You can listen HERE on Soundcloud or HERE on iTunes.

I discuss..
planning: where to go, buying cheap flights and finding the right place.
packing: travel light, bring less than you need.
WWOOFING: (Work on organic farms) a cheap way to travel, basically a work exchange website.
money: how to save more and spend less.
other tips: how to find community and what I personally love to do.

At the end of the episode I talk about my own travels a little bit and recommend where I personally think is amazing to go!

The real message I want to get across is that you can go wherever you want- there are no limits! Even if you have less money, it is still possible to travel, never hold yourself back from seeing the world if you want too.

I hope you enjoy this episode and I appreciate you all for listening.




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