We can all have success in our lives. In whatever we do, it is possible to succeed and go way beyond our expectations.

In this episode of The In Alignment Podcast I outline my 4 steps to success. I discovered this in my meditation and wanted to share it with you all, it can be easily applied to anything you are doing in life and I genuinely think it is the secret to going far..

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– Detach from the outcome.
Let go of expectations and surrender to the possibility of anything happening. Be happy with wherever you get too and you will be a winner no matter what.

– Speak to yourself with love, kindness and positivity.
Positive thoughts are going to impact your experience, this is the simple law of attraction.
Support yourself in what you are doing, tell yourself that YOU HAVE GOT THIS and that you are TOTALLY GOING TO SUCCEED.

– Ask with complete honestly- ‘can I do more?’
Never kid yourself that you cannot do more or less. Be honest with where you are at and you will be surprised to find that the answer is often ‘yes i can do more.’
By asking yourself honestly you won’t give up the moment things get hard.

-The rule of 13 ..
At the point where you cannot do any more, you KNOW that this is your limit, take 13 more breaths/steps/seconds… GO BEYOND YOUR LIMITS.
This step is to prove to you that you can go further than what you think you are capable of. It is about stepping outside your comfort zone and digging a little deeper.
When we think we are done, that is only 40% of our potential…


I am going to add a final bonus step in here that I didn’t actually speak about in the episode.. this is GRATITUDE. Be grateful for wherever you get and thank yourself for doing an amazing job!

Thank you all for listening to this episode. I hope you enjoy it. I am grateful to you all for listening!
Much love



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