The Words We Use

This morning whilst I was in meditation I realised that we are all constantly talking to ourselves. This may sound a little crazy I know, but if you listen to the thoughts in your head I think you will find exactly the same thing. Our thoughts are like a running commentary of speech; never ceasing; going on and on about everything and nothing.

So this morning I took action and I started talking to myself in such a way that was different from the usual dialogue in my head. I talked to myself in support, saying things like you’ve got this, and wherever you get to that is fine, I will love you no matter what. 

I used the ‘love’ word a lot. I have been practicing self love for over a year now but in all that time I have never uttered the words I love you to myself. When I think about this now this seems very strange, how can I truly love myself without telling myself this. I guess I used other words like ‘appreciation’, always avoiding the word ‘love’.

But today I gave in and the words I love you spilled out of my mouth. I said it again and again to myself whilst I was meditating, reminding myself that I loved myself to the moon and back, and this love could and would never end. The love that I felt was unconditional, nothing would stop it.

I think we need more of this in our life. We need to tell ourselves that we love ourself everyday until that truly sinks in. If you are like me and spent the majority of your life not loving yourself, then to undo this damage you need to tell yourself the truth – the truth that you love yourself- hundreds and millions of times until you know it to be true.

Self love is the backbone to my life. Without it I would not be able to do anything that I am doing, I would not feel confident or happy, without self love I really would be nothing. But because I love myself I am starting to heal. I am accepting everything about myself that I once hated and now I am embracing it, this is bloody liberating. Weights have been lifted from me and I feel like I new girl. I LOVE IT!

If you are in a bad place right now, try speaking these words I love you to yourself. Comfort yourself in these words. Let go of shame. Let go of fear. Because you love yourself you do not need those emotions any more. You are forgiven for everything and remember that you are perfect as you are now.

That is my message for today, to you and to myself.



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