Today I want to talk a little bit about words…

I have been reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and everything she has said so far has got me thinking- thinking more about myself and about life. One thing she said that particularly stuck with me is that everything and everyone has a word.. 

She was talking about Rome and saying that the word of the city was SEX. When I read this I started to think a little about what the word of London would be.. the first thing that came to mind was MONEY.

She went on to say that our word needs to be aligned with the word of the place we are living in order to truly feel like we belong in that place. I have been living in London for over a year now, and as much as I love it it doesn’t quite feel like home. I am leaving in June and know that I probably won’t return. At first this realisation caused me sadness and confusion, it was my dream as a child to live in London, and not just anywhere in London but Chelsea. People told me it was impossible to live in Chelsea, but that is what I am doing now. I am living one of my childhood fantasies and yet it doesn’t quite feel enough..

My word is not in alignment with the word of London. Maybe it was in the past, but right now I am not interested in money. I think my word is ADVENTURE, or POSSIBILITY or maybe DREAMS.

I find it hard to understand what my word is, there are many words floating around my mind and I can’t seem to just pick one. I guess POSSIBILITY has been the word that resonates with me most, and often it is the word that I am drawn towards, but still there are so many other words that I want..

Can we pick our word or is it something that is born with us? I want to know this, I want to know if our word changes with us- I think it does- or has it always been there? What if you don’t like your word? What do you do then?

I know, as always, I am making this more difficult than it needs to be. Our word can be anything and I am confident that we have a choice, maybe it is a bit like the sorting hat in Harry Potter.. if you really don’t like your house then you do have some say.

I want to discover my word. For now it is POSSIBILITY but I know it will probably change. When I am fully certain on my word I am going to align my life with it, creating inner and outer harmony and manifesting my word into reality. I want to go somewhere where the word is my word, where I can live and truly feel at home. I haven’t felt that yet in my life and I think that is something I am still searching for…

So for now I am going to ponder a little more on my word.. Wondering what it could be..



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