Money is such a controversial topic. I feel as though it is something we are all thinking about but no one is discussing…

This week I have had a bit of a revelation surrounding money. I realised that it is ok to want money, and it is ok to pursue money. This completely doesn’t make you a bad person or greedy in any way. Money is a resource which can enhance our lives and we shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting it.

I realised this because I have been reading this super awesome book called YOU ARE A BADASS by Jen Sincero this week and she has kind of shifted a LOT of my beliefs surrounding money. She said she began her spiritual journey because she was fed up of living with no money and she knew she could do so much better. So she went about on her path of self improvement and manifesting abundance into her life and hey, IT WORKED!

So most of the time when I hear about spiritual people deciding to manifest money into their life I dismiss the idea. I think it is ok for them, but not for me. One of my leading limiting beliefs surrounding money is the idea that I do not need money right now in my life, but I will have it at some point in the future. 

You can see how this belief would be limiting- every time I am presented with an opportunity to welcome more money into my life I turn it down because I do not believe that I need money now- I can back this up because only a couple of months ago I turned down a great job offer with much better money than I am earning now. At the time I thought it was because I didn’t really want the job, but now I am starting to think maybe it was a bit of a self sabotage going on…

So this book got me thinking about my limiting beliefs and I realised that I had quite a lot of them surrounding money:

“I do not need money now” 

“I need to experience poverty before I can appreciate (and deserve) money”

“Wanting money is greedy and selfish” 

“Wanting money makes me a bad person” 

“You cannot be spiritually enlightened and attached to money” 

These thoughts were spinning round my head. And if I am honest I was pretty unconscious to them all! I thought they were natural thoughts and I totally backed them up with experiences from my own life. Anytime I wanted money for anything I would feel frustrated at myself and it would cause a whole load of unnecessary drama.

Once I had recognised these limiting beliefs (with the help of Jen Sincero) I was able to get rid of them. I am working on each one of them and telling myself the opposite, making myself believe that I AM WORTHY OF LIVING IN ABUNDANCE. (I yelled that out of our apartment window in central London the other night, at the top of my lungs screaming that I was worthy of living in abundance, and let me tell you that was bloody exhilarating!)


I have been using affirmations to reverse these beliefs:









All of these are my absolute favourites. I have been writing them down and reading them out loud, getting them into my head and willing myself to believe that I am abundant right now. I do believe it, I do.

To manifest money into my life I have also been taking active steps to manifest money.. I have started up a new project which I am confident will provide me with another source of income, I am asking my boss for a pay rise, I am asking the universe to provide for me, I am being generous with money (the more you give the more you will receive).. All these things add up. They are showing the universe that I am committed to manifesting money into my life and I want this for real. I want money so I can do good. I want money so I can be generous and give to my family and friends. I want money so I can start up my own yoga studio… the list goes on. Wanting money for all of these things is not bad, this is what I have to keep telling myself. To undo all that I have been conformed to believe and again start to appreciate money yet also cultivate some detachment, seeing it as a tool and a means to an end, rather than the ‘be all and end all’.

In the Seven Laws of Spiritual Success, Deepak Chopra talks about giving and receiving. Money is a currency and currency is energy. Therefore if we want to manifest abundance into our life we must keep the energy high and flowing.. This is something that goes against everything I have learnt as a child: all the ideas about saving and holding tightly onto money. I have realised that this is not serving me so that is why I am ready to let go of my grip in order to invite more into my life.

It is time to let go and receive. To open my eyes to the ways of the universe and allow things to happen. I feel great relief in admitting these words and great freedom in them.

I have realised that the KEY to financial abundance is chaining our mindset .. once we change our beliefs we can have anything! Believe that IT IS POSSIBLE and it will be for you. Your mind dictates your reality, so go to your mind first. Be careful with your thoughts and make sure there are no false beliefs hiding in there.

The most recent episode of The In Alignment Podcast is all about MONEY. I outline all the steps to financial abundance- realising your negative beliefs, discarding them and then welcoming money into your life. I have covered a lot more than I have in this blog post so definitely listen if you want to know more on this subject. Or you can check out the books because they blew my mind when it came to understanding more about money and spirituality. You can listen to the episode on iTunes or Soundcloud.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you all.


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