Affirmations can be an amazing tool to use to support us in our life. They are a way of disrupting old thought patterns and drowning out that negative voice in our head, so that we can change our thinking to support us rather than hinder us in our life.

The key to affirmations is to use them daily. Choose your favourites and repeat them to yourself every morning and throughout the day. The more you can say them – the larger impact they are going to have. Tell yourself the thing that you need to hear most, maybe what you want to manifest in your life or something that you don’t yet believe about yourself. Make your affirmations personal to you and don’t stop repeating them until they have had the impact that you want.

We all hold on to limiting beliefs and fears that hold us back. Affirmations are the way to reverse these so that we can live our best life. They are a way of manifesting the un-manifest and being the best person we can be – all through the power of words.

Here are a list of 10 affirmations which will raise your frequency and change your life:

I am enough

I am worthy of living in abundance

I love myself

I am connected to the universe and everything around me

I am healthy and vibrant and glowing

I am surrounded by amazing people

I am a generous person and always helping others

I am provided for and supported by the universe

I am living my best life and grateful for it all

I am infinite


If you want to find out more about affirmations then this book YOU ARE A BADASS by Jen Sincero introduced them to me, she speaks LOADS about affirmations and how to use them to change your life.



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