Morning Intentions

I have been setting morning intentions everyday and it really has changed my life. I feel as though I am living each day to its fullest fullest potential and really making the most of every single second. Purely by visualising the day ahead and how it is going to look and feel I am able to manifest the best day possible, all through setting morning intentions!

What is an intention?

So an intention is defined as a thing intended; an aim or plan. When we set intentions we put our focus on something specific happening, and with this specificity we are able to manifest that into our day. Morning intentions are so important because they set the tone for the rest of the day, if your attention is somewhere positive and full of energy then that is the day that you are going to have.

Intentions come in many shapes and sizes. I am always setting intentions in my yoga practice, sometimes this is an ‘I AM’ statement, such as ‘I am possibility’, or it is what I want to feel, for example grounded. 

I think it is important that your intention is in alignment with who you are- it needs to resonate with you to have the most impact. If you are copying someone else’s intention then it is probably not going to have the desired effect on you, pick something personal that you just know is what you need.

 How can you do this?

I have been setting my morning intentions by visualising my day ahead. I use creative visualisation to picture the most amazing day I could possibly have. I ask myself:

how is it going to look? 

what am I going to do? 

how is it going to feel? 

how am I going to feel? 

what emotions are going to be in my day? 

what people will I interact with? 

what cool things will happen? 

I ask myself many many questions, so that I can visualise my day in as much detail as possible. I include the things that I have to do, such as going to work or doing chores, but I imagine how these things would look and feel if I did them and they went amazing and I had the best day ever. 

It is important to visualise the things you have to do during the day as well as the things you would like to do, because in life sometimes we have to do things that are not top of our list, but if we can do them with acceptance then that is going to make them a whole lot easier! Hey, if you can do them filled with joy and love then that is going to be even better! Visualise yourself doing all these things you have to do and ENJOYING them, that is going to have a powerful impact on you.

If you are not a fan of creative visualisation, then try setting your intention for the rest of the day by picking one thing that you want to manifest, e.g. you want to bring LOVE into your day, so pick the word love. Or you can write down your intentions, everything you want to do and everything you want to feel, this will also have a big impact on you, just try not to make it into a to-do list!

The impact on your day?

So the impact on your day is going to be massive. Every intention you set, you are going to keep and your day is going to look exactly how you visualised. Even if it doesn’t go exactly to plan, your day will go better than if you had not taken the time to visualise it!

I find that setting my intentions in the morning helps me achieve everything I want to that sometimes I would not. For example often when I have worked all day I am really not in the mood for yoga, even though I know how good it is going to make me feel. But each time I set my intention and have visualised my perfect day going to work and then having an awesome yoga class, I always do yoga, however tired I feel. I know that this is because I have visualised it in the morning, my subconscious is helping me to get on my yoga mat even though my conscious mind is definitely saying no!

The overall impact is that each day is going to be the best that it can be. If you continue to do this throughout your life, living each day to its fullest potential, then your life is going to look kind of incredible! Each small day adds up, and before you know it years have going by and they have been filled all because you have been visualising your most amazing life.

How can you use this to change your life?

This can definitely change your life. By taking each day as it comes we can tackle the obstacles ahead of us for that day only and not waste time feeling anxious about the future. We can put all of our energy into making each day as fulfilled and productive and amazing and purposeful as it can be. We can put out attention on bringing more joy and love into our life, these are the things that matter. If we do this every day then our life is going to be more filled then we could ever have imagined.

So try it out. Tomorrow morning sit down for 2 minutes and visualise yourself having the most amazing day possible. And then go out there into your life and make it happen. Watch as you align yourself with your intentions and you start to manifest the day that you want, all through the power of creative visualisation and the law of attraction. Seriously, this works!


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